Friday, July 20, 2012

Oracle Access Manager patch numbers

You can find Oracle Access Manager patch numbers for any of the versions like 10g, 11g and so on here
 Metalink note: 736372.1

Highlights of Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 release webcast

I have attended the WebCast of Oracle IDM 11gR2 release yesterday and here is an overview of the discussion. This release is majorly into supporting mobile and social applications for Web SSO. Let us see various areas that are covered in this release.

  • First and foremost, the softwares of 11gR2 will be available in OTN/edelivery by mid of August.
  • Migration/Upgrade from Sun IDM to Oracle IDM: Oracle has already brought in some customer environments in house to test the migration process using scripts and tools. So automated process can be expected in this release.
  • 11gR2 with regards to cloud: Already Oracle cloud environment is being built on Oracle Identity Management stack and more features can be expected in future.
  • Mobile and Social Apps: This is the highlight of this release. SSO for these applications has been brought into Web Access Management. Lots of open standards have been incorporated such as OAuth, SAML, OpenID and REST. Some of the new features includes native mobile security and SSO with social applications such as Facebook/Twitter/Yahoo etc., and REST API for cloud and mobile application development and support for multi-data center configurations. I presume multi-data center configurations was available in 11gR1 but not certified or not officially brought out. To summarize the Oracle Access Manager spectrum has increased by large volume involving STS, Mobile & Social security, new open standards etc.,
  • More features of virtualization are included in Oracle Unified Directory. Undoubtedly it can be said that OUD has been more focused and will be future LDAP and virtual storage product beating OID/OVD/ODSEE - just my personal thought.
  • Connector reuse for both Oracle IDM and Sun IDM will be in place for target systems.
  • One of the most important integrations OIM-OIA (that leverages customers to provision the roles to downstream appplications through OIM by importing roles into OIA etc.,) has been enhanced with new feature called Entitlement Catalog in OIM that will allow us to define all business attributes and forms in catalog and be made available in recertification & approval process.
  • Simplied look and feel for Identity management & Access Governance capabilities such as Access Request, Provisioning and Certification etc.,
  • New product is introduced Oracle Privileged Account Manager OPAM that will be used across the entire breadth of IAM stack. OPAM is used to safely and easily manage shared and administrative passwords associated with business applications, middleware, database and operation systems. Integration is supported with Access Management and Identity Governance systems. It is very interesting to see this product playing role of automated approval of requests, change password management and so on. Eagerly waiting for this product.
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