Thursday, July 19, 2012

"ls command not found" in linux

I want to set environment variables in my linux environment and hence I updated .bash_profile with two lines at the end of the file.

export JAVA_HOME=/u01/app/Oracle/Middleware/jrockit_160_29_D1.2.0-10/bin/java
export PATH=/u01/app/Oracle/Middleware/jrockit_160_29_D1.2.0-10/bin

After sometime I had rebooted machine for something else and I am seeing a different screen after logging into linux system, an xclock and xterm stuff which was very unusual.

Later I noticed that ls and other bash commands are also not working as non-root user for which I modified the .bash_profile. See the error message given below.

-bash: ls: command not found
So I logged in as root user and modified the non-root user .bash_profile to include the actual PATH as shown below.

export PATH=$PATH:/u01/app/Oracle/Middleware/jrockit_160_29_D1.2.0-10/bin
Actually the PATH variable was earlier set as shown below.

I rebooted machine and it works fine!! A silly mistake killed my time :(

Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 webcast

Next big revolution release from Oracle is Oracle Identity Management 11gR2. WebCast is scheduled today IST 10.30 PM.

Register here.
I'll post the updates tomorrow after attending the webcast. Stay tuned!

Exploring OAM 11g

I am getting free time these days to explore on OAM 11g features more.
Few things I have started with are: Creating OAM 11g administrator users by configuring identity store. Logging and auditing stuff.

I am going to write up posts very soon on the above mentioned stuff. Next exploring topic is Custom Authentication plugins.
Stay tuned!!

Oracle Access Manager 11g is certified with Sharepoint 2010 server

One of the much awaited integrations in OAM 11g queue is Sharepoint 2010 server. Well, there is a good news and it is certified now. Check out the certification matrix.
Please contact me for integration documents.