Thursday, June 27, 2013

Using the customized OIF.ear file in 11g

This is regarding OIF 11g environment. There are 2 OIF servers in a cluster. Typically when OIF application is customized the updated oif.ear has to be moved to the location $ORACLE_IDM_HOME/fed/install (I have made changes to web.war present in oif.ear. To make changes to oif.ear don't unzip or extract it, just open it using zip tools and make the changes and save the ear file). If the OIF cluster instances are in different servers, then oif.ear has to be placed in all the other servers too.

Delete the files present in the locations $WL_DOMAIN/servers//tmp/_WL_user/OIF_11. in all OIF server instances.

Restart the OIF managed servers. Access the OIF application and observe the changes. It has not reflected in my case. I spent a lot of time figuring out the locations where oif.ear is present and making sure whether changes are reflected. Finally I identified that WebLogic staging directory is where the OIF application is moved to and is holding old oif.ear.

So I copied the oif.ear to staging directories of all OIF instances and removed the files under $WL_DOMAIN/servers//tmp/_WL_user/OIF_11. and restarted the OIF server instances. I am glad that everything worked!!