Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Upgrade plans of OAM 10g to 11g

I presume many people are curious to know about OAM upgrade from 10g to 11g versions. Well, here is the point!!

There is no direct upgrade plan yet because the 11g version is released for OSSO customers extremely. However to upgrade OAM to 11g here are my thoughts:

  1. Architecture is totally revamped in 11g. OAM server is a java based application deployed on WebLogic server. However 10g servers are stand-alone. 
  2. 10g WebGates are backward compatible with OAM 11g server. 11g WebGates are provided only for OHS server. So if your environment has Apache or IHS servers then you can continue to use 10g Webgates with agent registration.
  3. Policy Domains concept is enhanced with sessions. So you can pass on several session attributes in authorization actions. 
  4. If there is a custom plug-in to extrapolate concurrent users scenario, then it is just a checkbox enablement in 11g - much easier, is not it!!
  5. Any custom authentication plug-ins developed in 10g using C/C++ has to be rebuilt using java tech in 11g.
  6. Any Identity XML features used in 10g has NO upgrade or replacement. All the identity features are part of OIM 11g.
  7. If there is a password management features used, then execute the features using OIM 11g.
  8. If you are using RSA token authentication then it is not certified in 11g - Oracle has plans to release this soon.
  9. If you are using Sharepoint integrated with OAM 10g, then Sharepoint 2010 is certified with OAM 11g. Check out this post.
  10. EBS is certified with OAM 10g and 11g versions. In 11g, it is access gate version rather than OSSO delegation.
Therefore, to upgrade OAM 10g to 11g, all the needs to be manually created/configured from the scratch.
If your environment has RSA token as main authentication, then it is better to upgrade to 11gR2 directly as OAM 11gR1 is not certified. OAM 11gR2 - RSA integration guide is here.

The latest IAM release 11.1.2 has upgrade plans from 11gR1.
Upgrading OAM 11gR1 ( is here.
Unlike OIM, there is a direct upgrade plan from OAM 10g to OAM 11gR2, documentation is here.

Upgrading OIM 10g to 11g

Here is the white paper talking about upgrading Oracle Identity Manager 10g to 11g.

The upgrade plan from OIM 10g to 11gR2 made of two parts: