Friday, August 17, 2012

OIM 11g Configuration error

Oracle releases products oftentimes and hence it is very difficult to know which version to use and what is certified. I am talking about OIM 11gR1 version with WLS, SOA Suite and RCU.

With OIM it is certified with WLS 10.3.5, SOA Suite and RCU However with products releasing, they won't appear on OTN, instead you have to download from edelivery. Well, it is a problem if we don't have account.

So I downloaded WLS 10.3.6, SOA Suite and Oracle IAM Suite I installed Oracle IAM Suite and failed at OIM configuration step. I wrote a detailed post on the error messages and action plan. Well, it is actually version mismatch. Oracle Identity Manager should be upgraded to to use WLS 10.3.6, SOA Suite