Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Planning to install Oracle Identity Management

I have written few posts here on planning the installation of Oracle Identity Management for various scenarios. The post also covers the installation steps with detailed screenshots.

Hope this helps!

Please get back to me in case of any queries/suggestions.

Updates on OES 11g with Java SM in Tomcat Server

Earlier I had written my comments about OES 11g with java SM in Tomcat container in this post. I'd like to redefine this with some changes.

First of all, OES is not supported on Tomcat Server 6.x. However if your client have no choice other than using Tomcat and there is an application to be protected against OES 11g, then here is what you can do:

Assuming that OES server and client + Java SM is installed and up and running.

  • Goto Tomcat install directory, edit the or setclasspath.bat and update the Tomcat Classpath with oes-client.jar as export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:$OES_CLIENT_HOME/modules/oracle.oes.sm_11.1.1/oes-client.jar.
  • Specify the Java SM jps-config.xml in the Java OPTIONS (in the same file or setclasspath.bat) as export JAVA_OPTS= $JAVA_OPTS$OES_CLIENT_HOME/oes_sm_instances//config/jps-config.xml.
Test the Tomcat application with some authorization policies and it works!

Exceptions: In my case, our enterprise application was using xml parser jars which was conflicting with xmlparserv2.jar located under $OES_CLIENT_HOME/modules/...