Friday, October 5, 2012

3rd party integrations supported in OAM 11gR2

This post will detail the 3rd party integrations that OAM 11gR2 supports.

  1. Microsoft Sharepoint 2010: Oracle Doc here. OAM 11gR1 also supports Sharepoint 2010 integration.
  2. RSA Authentication Manager 7.1: Oracle Doc here. OAM 11gR1 does not support this integration.
  3. JBoss 5.1.0: Documentation here. OAM 11gR1 does not support this integration.
However there are few integrations coming up post R2 such as MS OWA, SAP Portal and IBM WebSphere Portal.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

DCC in OAM 11gR2

I did not get chance to work on OAM 11g R2 yet, but one of my friends were asking couple of weeks ago about DCC in OAM 11g.
DCC stands for Detached Credential Collector which is a new feature introducted in 11gR2, not available in 11gR1.

I've read an article about this feature which looks simpler to me. You can learn this too

Its Oracle Documentation is here.

OVD 11g performance tuning

I've read an article about OVD 11g performance tuning which is very well explained. It explains various systems and factors to be tuned in OVD environment.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nice post on OES 10g vs 11g

I have started a discussion in linkedin to find out the documentation/thoughts on OES 11g and 10g comparison with respect to features like authorization and role policy models, export and import XMLs and so on.

Matthew carter has pointed out a good post on comparing OES 10g with OES 11gR2.
I'll supplement this post with some more thoughts soon here.