Thursday, June 16, 2011

Attended a session on Oracle Entitlement Server 11g

Further to previous posts on OES 11g, I had attended a session today given by Oracle Product Manager. Some of the key points that I would like to outline are:
  1. OES 11g can be integrated with OAM 11g out of the box and is certified - this is very good news. In previous versions of OAM and OES, we used custom approach by using specific Authentication schemes in applications protected by OES etc., It was not pretty straight forward.
  2. OES 11g provides very good authorization security for Oracle Database. In future we can expect that Database comes up with OES by default.
  3. OES 11g can be implemented in Cloud Security which is the hot requirement for most of the customers now.
  4. OES 11g is certified with OID 11g. 
  5. There is no direct integration of OES 11g with either OAAM 11g or OIF 11g. However it can be implemented using customization.
  6. Auditing and Reporting has been enhanced.
  7. OES 11g Admin consoles are Web UI consoles.
  8. OES 11g can be used for multi-tenancy. Future releases directly supports multi-tenancy.
  9. Future releases of OES 11g (probably by end of 2011) we may expect this product to integrate with SOA and Fusion Middleware products out of the box.
 This is it for today!!