Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oracle Identity Manager Performance tips

I have read a post on Oracle Identity Manager performance tips here. This post talks about various factors where tuning has to be applied with respect to OIM. In addition, it is always good to tune the application server where OIM is deployed as a web application.

OAM 11g integration with OBIEE 10g for Single Sign-On

I have already done a detailed write up on Oracle Access Manager 10g integration with OBIEE 10g for Single Sign-On here.
I have read another post here that has detailed description about Oracle Access Manager 11g integration with OBIEE 10g.  That was pretty good!!

In fact I could not notice much difference with the integration steps with OAM 10g and OAM 11g.

OES 11g is launched

Much awaiting product Oracle Entitlement Server 11g is launched by Oracle. I am going to attend a Web Session on OES 11g. I will keep updated with the findings soon.

OES 11g Installs and documentation links are provided in this post

Keep watching this space.