Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things to remember for integrating BPEL worklist with OSSO in realtime

I have written a post earlier on the integration aspects of OSSO with BPEL worklist. However, I did not talk about real time aspects of this integration. Let's assume there are 2 nodes of OSSO servers with software load balancer (with virtual hostname say configured in the production system. In the same lines, let's assume there are 4 nodes of BPEL worklist with hardware loadbalancer (with virtual hostname say

The first step of this integration is to register the BPEL worklist as a partner application to OSSO server using script. The question is on how many OSSO nodes will we run this script? The answer is single node. Since the OSSO servers are clustered, registering in one node will automatically get reflected in another node. However, a small additional step needs to be performed i.e., osso.conf file generated in first node has to be copied to the 2nd to the same location say $ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf/osso/worklist. Remember that while running the script, the hostname specified for the middle tier i.e., SOA worklist is the Virutal hostname instead of individual server hostname.

To verify, login to OSSO console and check whether the application is registered or not.

Next step is the configuration part at the BPEL end using the metalink note 753087.1.  
The question is whether to perform this configuration part at single node of BPEL server or all the nodes? The answer is all the nodes.

Please reach out to me in case of any doubts.