Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oracle Access Manager integration with BPEL worklist

This is a new task that I accomplished recently with lots of ups and downs. The objective is to achieve Single Sign-on or authentication of BPEL worklist using Oracle Access Manager.

The various component versions are:
1. OAM
2. BPEL Process Manager
3. Oracle Single Sign-on

There are 2 ways to integrate OAM with BPEL.
1. Direct integration using Access SDK
2. Using Oracle Single Sign-on

I followed the second approach as our environment is AIX and Access SDK is not availble for AIX servers. However, I would suggest first approach as OSSO is not a strategic product for single sign-on from 11g onwards and no further development will be carried upon OSSO.

Integration Process:
I am writing the procedue for integration using second approach.
The integration is divided into 2 bits. OSSO integration with BPEL and OSSO integration with OAM.
I have posted here in detail about the BPEL-OSSO integration. OSSO integration with OAM is avaiable in oracle by example here.

The hiccups and troubleshooting tips I used in this integration process are written here 1, 2.